Natural Gas Agreement Addendum Negotiations

Addendum terms, or Riders, are critical clauses that are negotiated and added to boilerplate Oil and Gas Leases, Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreements, Surface Use Agreements, Roadway Agreements, Well Pad Agreements and many other gas and pipeline company offered contracts.
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Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreement Negotiations

Attorney Doug Clark has negotiated Pipeline Right‐of‐Way Agreements with over 40 Separate Pipeline Companies across Pennsylvania. No Landowner should ever sign a Pipeline Right‐of‐Way Agreement without representation by an experience Oil and Gas Attorney.
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Royalty Statement Reviews

Attorney Doug Clark Believes that Landowners must Understand their Gas Royalty Statements, but Doug does not Believe Landowners Should Incur Monthly or Regular Expenses to Pay Third Parties to Review or Monitor their Royalty Statements.
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