TCLF - Thanks for A Job Well Done

My name is James Kellogg, I live in East Smithfield, PA. When the gas companies first started coming around asking people to sign a lease I was not sure what to expect and their first offer was not very good. I started looking for information and asking around. That was when a friend of ours told us about a group forming in Ulster, PA. to join together and with Mr. Clark and sign as one big group. Mr. Clark provided us with information and approached the gas companies for us a one. He then provided us with the information for us to make our choices. Mr. Clark got us a very good lease. All I can say is Thank You for a job well done.
James Kellog, East Smithfield, Bradford County

TCLF – Honest and Efficient

We are happy to report that Mr. Clark was actually a pleasure to work with through our gas lease with Chesapeake. All questions we had were answered quickly either over email or a phone call. I would highly recommend Doug's services to anyone that wants honesty and a speedy contract. Thank you from all of us.
The Wilkinsons and The Kings

Feel Like A Preferred Client

Doug and Marceea Clark negotiated a gas lease for us in 2008 and did so in a very professional way. They always responded, usually within hours, regarding any questions that I had and also made you feel like a preferred client throughout the process. Our actual signing appointment in his office was a very pleasant experience as well.
George Waltz, Ulster, PA

Enthusiastically Recommends Doug Clark and TCLF

We signed our gas lease years ago, before anyone had a clue that this whole thing was going to get as big as it has. At the time, we talked to neighbors who were also being approached, but never dreamed we should actually get legal advice. Needless to say, we signed for a very low amount, and had no idea what some of the terms in the lease even meant. We first found out about Doug Clark and his firm from a gas drilling website, and found out he was holding a talk about pipelines, etc. in East Smithfield. We attended the talk and were very impressed with Doug's knowledge about the whole process. Also, our heads were spinning with all the issues that need to be taken into consideration before signing any agreement. We had already been approached by a land agent about a gathering pipeline on our property. We contacted Marceea and got the Clark Law Firm involved. They immediately took over all negotiations with the land agent, submitted a detailed addendum to the original suggested agreement, and kept us informed about every step. We had several conversations with Doug where he explained everything very clearly, and ended up with what we think is a contract in our best interests. We will definitely seek Doug's advice in any future transactions regarding our lease and pipeline contract, and enthusiastically recommend him and his office to anyone who is contemplating signing any kind of gas-related contract.
Bradford County Pennsylvania Landowner

Peace of Mind and Best Possible Deal With Gas Company

I recommend Doug Clark if you are in need of legal counsel in connection with a natural gas lease. In May of 2010, I was struggling with a natural gas lease offered on a five-acre vacation property in Sullivan County, PA. Though I have an MBA and thirty years of experience in business, it was clear to me I needed some legal assistance from an expert - not just a lawyer, but a specialist skilled in the details of negotiating a natural gas lease. Doug Clark and his wife, Marceea, office manager, are both knowledgeable and handled all of my questions and concerns in a professional manner. I signed up and paid for a one-hour consultation, but I am certain that their combined time amounted to considerably more than that. While my transaction was fairly simple, I believe there are many things that can go wrong with a natural gas lease. The Clark law firm ensured peace of mind for me and my family that our vacation home was protected. At the same time, the assistance we received from Doug and Marceea Clark ensured that we negotiated the best possible deal with the gas company. In short, I recommend the Clark Law Firm without reservation!
Sullivan County Landowner

TCLF Acts “Promptly and With Integrity”

When your office was recommended to me I was not certain what kind of response I would receive. I was pleasantly surprised by your attention to my need to lease my property and derive some income. You acted promptly and with integrity on my behalf. I am pleased to recommend you to future clients.
Harriet B. Lea

TCLF Negotiates Strong Cabot Lease and Highly Recommended

Doug Clark helped me secure an outstanding lease with Cabot Oil and Gas for my property located in Susquehanna County. The terms included in our oil and gas lease [with Cabot, which produces 100 million cubic feet per day in the Marcellus shale] were as strong as I have ever seen and my wife and I were extremely pleased with all the Clark Law Firm’s efforts. I would not sign a gas company lease without reviewing it with an experienced natural gas lawyer. I highly recommend Doug Clark to any landowner looking for a strong gas lease to protect their property from the big energy companies.

TCLF Successfully Reaches Agreement with SWEPI in Tioga County

The Clark Law firm recently represented my wife and I in our negotiations with SWEPI LP concerning a gas lease in Tioga County. We found them to extremely knowledgeable and helpful in assisting us to reach an acceptable agreement. We would not have been able to successfully conclude our negotiations without their assistance and guidance.
Tioga County Landowner

TCLF Gets an “A+” – and Really Nice People

In May of 2008, I, as an absentee land owner, learned of the leasing of mineral rights from my neighbor, a very determined researcher. She explained to me all of the information gleaned about leases and lawyers. Doug Clark had written an article about these leases and landowners' concerns and rights which greatly appealed to her concerns about protecting her family's "century farm." Since he did the absolute best for her and to her strict criterion, I chose to have him represent me as well. Interest for his client, accessibility, fairness, contact with both sides in negotiation were all A+ and he and Marceea are really nice people!
Bob Frisch

Will Never Use any Other Law Office for Lease Agreements

I called the law office of Douglas Clark because me and my siblings needed legal assistance with obtaining a lease agreement between us and Chesapeake oil company for land we own in NE Pennsylvania. The land-master wanted us to move on this rather quickly for fear that Chesapeake might pull out of the deal and we didn’t know who to turn to. We were never a part of a unit of local land owners and never dealt with such an important matter in our lives. We were completely lost. We called the Douglas Clark law office and Douglas took our case immediately. He negotiated a lease deal for us that was 1000% better then the addendum Chesapeake was offering us. He made us feel like we were seasoned business partners dealing with this company. Everything went through without a hitch and our rental agreement was paid out to us almost immediately. I will never use any other Law office when dealing with future lease agreements. My siblings and I were absolutely grateful for all of Doug’s services.
Michael Piatkowski

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