0 – 15 Minutes
Discussion on Gas Lease Addendum Pugh Clauses. Many landowners do not have a full understanding of the benefits and possible detriments of a Pugh clause. Doug explains Pugh Clauses in detail to help the landowner understand this important oil and gas lease provisioned. Also, discussion on differences between ‘pure’ Pugh Clauses and ‘modified’ Pugh Clauses.

15 – 30 Minutes
Doug discusses landowner negotiation leverage has in today’s oil and gas leasing market. Whereas in years past, the Pugh Clause could be a dominant addendum term, the leasing market is the main dictator of the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a Pugh Clause. Individual circumstances dictate everything, do not rely on internet online information. Remember – every situation is different.

30 – 45 Minutes
Doug reveals gas and pipeline company tactics in attempt to manipulate landowners and win favor. How confidentiality agreements offered by gas companies can be used as a trick to induce landowners to sign agreements. Landowners should be wary of confidentiality agreements in some cases. Gas and Pipeline companies can twist confidentiality clauses to support their agenda. Seek to avoid confidentiality agreements when dealing with hunting clubs and large families.

45 – 60 Minutes
Doug discusses the “Landman.” Remember, the Landman does not work for you – but he works for the gas or pipeline company. Doug details landman tactics as the Landman looks to gain the trust of the landowner.