As Pennsylvania natural gas production increases and Landowners enter into the royalty phase of their Oil and Gas Leases, numerous issues and claims have arisen surrounding gas companies’ royalty payments to Landowners. Improper royalty payments can result in losses of thousands or even millions of dollars in royalties over the lifetime of the gas lease. Landowners must understand their monthly royalty statements and not allow the gas company to short change their royalty payments.

Improper Royalty Payments
Gas companies must comply with your Oil and Gas Lease and Addendum when making natural gas royalty payments. Many Landowners may have valid claims against one or more natural gas companies for improper deductions for gathering, transportation, compression and other post-production costs from their royalty payments. Landowners must understand whether they may have a claim for improper royalty payments. Learn More.

Royalty Statement Reviews
All Landowners must fully understand their monthly natural gas royalty statements, but generally should not need to incur monthly or regular expenses to pay a third party to review their royalty payments. The Clark Law Firm, PC reviews gas royalty statements for Landowners and provides them the tools and education they need to understand and evaluate future royalty statements.
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Unitization Disputes
Pennsylvania oil and gas law provides natural gas companies tremendous power and flexibility when designing and creating oil and gas production units in the Marcellus and Utica Shale formations. As gas companies exercise this broad power to create production units, a variety of legal issues and challenges have arisen against gas companies for their unitization practices. Learn More.

Unit Amendments & Royalty Recoupment
Gas companies often amend declared natural gas production units to increase or decrease the size of the unit. Sometimes gas companies amend existing production units to add acreage to the overall unit and then seek to recoup royalties previously paid to Landowners within the existing unit. Learn More.

State & Federal Court Representation
Unfortunately not all disputes with gas and pipeline companies can be resolved amicably. If disputes must be litigated in the state or federal court system, the Landowner needs experienced legal counsel with state and federal courtroom experience. Learn More.

Arbitration Representation
Most Oil and Gas Leases and Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreements require mandatory arbitration of any legal disputes. Landowners required to proceed through the arbitration process need experienced legal counsel with litigation experiences and a knowledge and understanding of the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Learn More.