Most Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Leases and Many Pipeline Agreements Require that any Legal Dispute or Disagreement Involving the Gas Lease or Pipeline Agreement Must be Resolved Through Binding Arbitration. Oil and Gas Leases Requiring Arbitration Typically Employ the Rules of the American Arbitration Association (AAA).

The Clark Law Firm, PC understands the complex procedural rules of the AAA and has actively litigated Landowner claims through this process. Should you have a dispute or disagreement with a gas or pipeline company and your gas lease or other agreement requires Arbitration to resolve disputes, you need an oil and gas attorney familiar with the AAA system and process to effectively represent your interests. Attorney Doug Clark is Pennsylvania’s
Landowner Lawyer, and he has the experience to represent you in any dispute or claim against a gas or pipeline company in this complex arena. So please, seek experienced counsel in these important matters of arbitration and Contact Us Today!