A Talent of Simplifying the Complexity of the Lease Language

If you are searching for legal council regarding your mineral and gas rights you need to look no further than The Clark Law Firm. I had listened to Doug's radio broadcast years ago and appreciated the education he provided to the land owners.  I ended up retaining their service to handle all aspects of my land lease and I'm thrilled with how efficient, thorough and fast the transaction took place. There was no wasted time , energy or fees going back and forth with the oil company because they are the experts in their field and know exactly what to look for and what makes sense for all parties.  Doug and Marceea have a talent of simplifying the complexity of the lease language making it easy to understand. This was beneficial since I'm not local to them and conducted everything via phone and e-mail.  I can not be more pleased with the service they provided during this process.
Bradford County Landowner

TCLF – Responsive and a Pleasure to Work With

On behalf of my brother, husband and I, let me say that we felt reassured about the language of the lease after having spoken with you at length. Hopefully we will never have to litigate but at least we understand the terms and obligations of both parties to the agreement. It was a pleasure to work with you and Marceea. You were both very responsive to our questions and helped guide me through the process.
A Susquehanna County Landowner

Another “Thanks” to TCLF and Staff

Just a note to thank you, Marceea and Vanessa for your quick response to our questionsregarding our gas lease in Susquehanna county. Even though we own a small parcell of land the amount of time you folks spent helping us and answering all of our questions was very much appreciated. Thanks again.
A Middletown Township, Susquehanna County Landowner

Landowner Will Not Sign Any Gas Agreement Without Doug Clark

As a Wyoming County gas lease owner I was overwhelmed by the “rumor factory” on gas wells, drilling, production units, pipelines, and royalties. Everyone I spoke to gave me different information and advice. The Clark Law Firm was recommended to me by my estate attorney. Talking with Doug was very informative and helpful. He answered all of my questions and is extremely knowledgeable and informed on all aspects of the gas industry. I will not sign another gas related document without Doug reviewing it first. I highly recommend The Clark Law Firm to everyone who holds a gas lease in the Marcellus Shale.
A Meshoppen Township, Wyoming County Landowner

Thanks For Including Our Son in Florida

Thank you very much for reviewing our Oil and Gas Lease for a parcel of land in Wells Township, Bradford County, PA. It was good of you to arrange for a conference call, so that our son in Florida was able to participate in the telephone conversation. Again, thank you for giving us a thorough presentation of our present lease. We appreciate the fact that the situation has been explained to us and that there will be no surprises to us with the Lessee in the days ahead. We certainly will get in touch with you if any problems should arise in the future.
A Bradford County Landowner

Highly Recommend TCLF for Gas Lease Review

As a Sullivan County land owner I was unsure where to turn to get legal advice regarding a Carrizo gas lease for our property. I found The Clark Law Firm on the internet and after a preliminary conversation set-up a lease review call with Doug Clark. During the call Doug went over all of the pros and cons of the lease agreement and offered advice on adding an invaluable addendum to the lease that would protect the physical integrity of our property. Doug spent well more than the allotted hour talking with me and told me to call him with additional questions that would result in no additional charges to myself. I highly recommend the Clark Law Firm if you are considering a gas lease review.
Fox Township, Sullivan County Landowner

Other Lawyers Were a Mistake

As a landowner in Wilmot and Terry Township in Bradford County, I signed a gas lease after having two different Attorneys look at it, what a mistake! Later on I joined the RLSTORE.COM web site, and with a lot of information on there I noticed the Clark Law Firm. I knew I would need an attorney sometime in the future. Last year I was contacted about putting a pipeline on my property, I called the office and spoke with Marceea, she was very pleasant, helpful and considerate. I talked with Doug next, and got the same response. Most recently I scheduled a consultation call with Doug and was completely satisfied, he took his time with me, answered all my questions and was very helpful with my concern's and issues. If I knew of Doug before signing of my lease, some changes would have been made. I would highly recommend the Clark Firm to anyone.
Jim G., A Wilmot/Terry Township, Bradford County PA Landowner

Recommends TCLF Expertise

We are writing to express our sincere appreciation for your consultation earlier this week to provide review of our gas lease agreement. Your time prior to our visit, and the time we spent together at your office were efficient and pertinent to our particular concerns. Your insight in day to day matters continues to be very helpful. We recommend your expertise about this new local industry to anyone considering communication with natural gas and pipeline businesses.
A Susquehanna County Landowner

Couldn’t Be Happier With Doug’s Gracious Knowledgeable Representation

As a diverse group of cousins from multiple states we were confronted with the problem of how to solve an oil and gas lease inheritance issue without traveling thousands of miles. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have found The Clark Law Firm. We received prompt, courteous attention. We were able to hold 3 way phone conferences. All of our questions were answered in a timely fashion. The billing was shared in a private, easy format. We never had to leave home. In short, we couldn't be happier with Doug's gracious, knowledgeable representation.
The Morris Family

Wish We Knew Doug Sooner

It was a pleasure talking to Doug the other day regarding the deciphering of our gas lease. We only wish we would have been able to utilize his knowledge before we signed our lease. We are already referring our friends and family to him for help with their leases.
Robert & Melanie Diehl, Susquehanna County Landowners

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