Surface Use Agreements, or SUA, are legal contracts between gas or pipeline companies and the Landowner that govern the company’s use of the surface of your property.

As the name provides, Surface Use Agreements relate to proposed surface operations and surface installations on a Landowner’s property. Surface Use Agreements may involve the construction of a well pad, above ground pipeline valves, pig launchers, pig receivers, meter stations, roadways, buildings, or any other surface operation or installation proposed on a Landowner’s property.

Surface Use Agreements are presented as a boilerplate document drafted by skilled company lawyers to maximize the benefits to the company. Surface Use Agreements are negotiable and must be carefully negotiated to benefit and protect the Landowner. Effective Surface Use Agreement negotiations protect the Landowner from personal liability, maximize financial compensation and damage payments, minimize tax consequences, minimize property damage, eliminate future surprise and more.

As with all natural gas Agreements, the Landowner must understand their ability to decline any offer and must effectively evaluate their options and negotiation leverage. If you are presented a Surface Use Agreement by a gas or pipeline company, contact Attorney Doug Clark today. Attorney Doug Clark proudly represents Pennsylvania Landowners in negotiating the best possible Surface Use Agreements for their property. Attorney Doug Clark is Pennsylvania’s Landowner Lawyer and he can help you. Contact us today!