Gas companies install temporary above ground water lines to transport water from water withdrawal facilities to well sites for fracking purposes.

Temporary water lines are installed above ground and typically remain in place for less than three months unless the gas company is fracking multiple wells in succession. The location of above ground water lines and the length of time the water lines remain on the surface of the property may greatly impact and restrict the Landowner’s use of their property.

As with all proposed natural gas pipelines agreements, the Landowner’s first step is to determine whether the proposed activity is authorized under the terms of their existing oil and gas lease. Determining the company’s authority under an existing oil and gas lease can be very complex and the Landowner should seek a qualified and experienced Oil and Gas Attorney for representation and assistance. Remember, the Landman works for the company, not for you.

If above ground water lines are not be authorized under the terms of the Landowner’s oil and gas lease, the Landowner can reject the company’s offer or negotiate for higher compensation and better terms. However, even if above ground water lines are permitted under the Landowner’s oil and gas lease, the Landowner often has the ability to negotiate a Water Line Agreement to lock-in location, obtain compensation and damage payments and restrict the overall negative impact of the water lines on the property.

Do not be tricked into signing a Temporary Water Line Agreement, or any natural gas Agreement without fully understanding your rights and negotiation leverage. Do not simply believe a Landman if he tells you the company has the authority to install surface water lines, or any natural gas pipelines, under the terms of your oil and gas lease. This statement is often false.

Attorney Doug Clark negotiates Temporary Above Ground Water Line Agreements for considerable compensation and strong property protections. If you are approached by a gas or pipeline company seeking to install temporary above ground water lines or any other pipelines on your property, contact The Clark Law Firm, PC. Attorney Doug Clark is Pennsylvania’sLandowner Lawyer and he can help you. Contact us today.