The Oil and Gas Lease is the cornerstone of your relationship with the gas company. It is without any doubt the most important document for the Landowner.

An effective attorney will use their experience to aggressively negotiate with the oil and gas company to maximize (1) lease bonus payment, (2) royalty percentage, (3) royalty calculation method to eliminate or reduced post-production cost deductions, and (4) property protections to eliminate or reduce the impact of potential surface activity on your property. A knowledgeable attorney will answer all of your questions and concerns and make sure that you fully understand your positives and negatives of your Gas Lease offer.

At The Clark Law Firm, PC, we pride ourselves on a different approach to Landowner representation and developing individual client relationships. Our clients are not just a name on a file, but part of our Landowner family. If you are looking for personal treatment by an attorney and friendly staff who cares and is committed to working for you, The Clark Law Firm, PC is for you.

Attorney Doug Clark listens carefully to each client’s special or unique concerns and negotiates diligently to address these issues in the final Oil and Gas Lease. Doug is Pennsylvania’s Landowner Lawyer and has negotiated hundreds of gas leases with numerous gas companies across Pennsylvania. Doug uses this extensive experience to efficiently represent each client and to maximize the bonus payment and royalty percentage while incorporating the most Landowner friendly Addendum available.


As our numerous testimonials reflect, The Clark Law Firm, PC considers and represents each Landowner client as a member of our family. We take enormous pride in keeping our clients informed with regular updates and walking them through the often intimidating and overwhelming leasing process. We understand the value of a family’s cherished land and will work with you and fight to protect your property from negative impacts of company drafted Oil and Gas Leases. If you are looking for personal representation and becoming more than just a another client, while obtaining the best possible Oil and Gas Lease, contact us today! We have represented hundreds upon hundreds of Pennsylvania Landowners and we welcome the opportunity to work for you. Contact us today!