Representation for Property Damage Claims

Natural gas development involves major industrial operations. Gas and pipeline companies utilize heavy equipment and machinery to extract and transport natural gas trapped thousands of feet below the earth’s surface. As with any major industrial operation, there are risks for property damage and even personal injury that may result from human error or malfunctioning equipment.

If you sustain any real or personal property damage or even personal injuries as a result of gas or pipeline company operations, do not simply accept financial compensation from a company in exchange for signing a company drafted Damage Release. Companies must make Landowners whole for any and all surface and property damages caused by the company.

If you sustain any real or personal property damage, contact an experienced oil and gas attorney in order to ensure full recovery for all property damages. An effective attorney will also limit the impact of a Damage Release to guarantee that the Landowner is not releasing any future legal claims by signing the Damage Release. Remember, a Landowner should be made whole for any property damages and should never sign an overly broad Damage Release giving up potential future claims not at issue in the present property damage claim.

The Clark Law Firm, PC represents Landowners with surface and other property damage claims against gas and pipeline companies. Attorney Doug Clark will fight to obtain the best possible resolution for all property damage claims and preserve future rights by making sure that the impacted Landowner does not sign an overly broad company friendly Damage Release. Attorney Doug Clark is Pennsylvania’s Landowner Lawyer and will represent you in any property damage claim against an energy company. Never settle for less than you and your property deserve, contact us today!