Representation for Water Damage Claims

As gas and pipeline companies utilize heavy equipment and machinery to extract and transport natural gas, there are accompanying risks for water and property damages. Gas companies are regularly drilling through the water aquifer and extracting gas from deep shale formations. Pipeline companies are installing thousands of miles of natural gas pipelines and traversing streams and rivers and even directionally drilling to install pipelines under ponds, lakes and other waterways. These industrial operations may unfortunately result in the contamination in of drinking water or other serious water damages. Water damages are not solely limited to contamination of drinking water. Streams, ponds, lakes and springs may also face contamination or other negative impacts resulting from oil and gas operations.

If you have sustained drinking water contamination or any other damages to water on your property, do not simply accept financial compensation from the gas or pipeline company in exchange for signing a company drafted Damage Release. Landowners must contact an experienced attorney in order to ensure full recovery for any and all water damages.

Drinking water contamination or other water issues may have a permanent impact on your property and result in a substantial loss in value to the property and any residence or other buildings located on the property. Landowners must carefully consider the present day and future impact of company caused water damages. Water damage claims are far too important to leave to inexperienced legal counsel.

The Clark Law Firm, PC represents Landowners with claims of drinking water contamination and all other claims of water damages. Attorney Doug Clark will fight to protect your drinking water and to make you whole should you sustain any damages to your water. Doug will also preserve the future value of your property while making sure that you do not sign an overly broad Release and lose the right to address future water issues.

Attorney Doug Clark is Pennsylvania’s Landowner Lawyer and will represent you in any claims for damages to your drinking water or other water on your property. Never settle for less than you and your property deserve, contact us today!