The following are a sample of important oil and gas terms. All Landowners in areas of natural gas development in Pennsylvania should understand these terms and how they may apply in their relationship with gas and pipeline companies. Remember, Landowner education and understanding is paramount.

Addendum Negotiation
Landowners must negotiate the strongest possible Addendum terms in all oil and gas agreements to protect and preserve their property for future generations. Learn More.

Boilerplate Agreement
‘Boilerplate’ or ‘Form’ Agreements are Documents that Include the Same Standard Language that the Gas or Pipeline Company Offers to all Landowners. All Boilerplate agreements are drafted by the gas or pipeline company and must be negotiated to benefit the Landowner. Learn More.

Clean & Green
It is critical that Landowners understand potential “Clean and Green” tax implications when considering ANY Contract with a Natural Gas OR Pipeline Company. A misunderstanding of application of the Clean and Green law can result in thousands of Dollars in increased taxes for the Landowner. Learn More.

Rule of Capture
The Rule of Capture, or Law of Capture, does apply to the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale formations in Pennsylvania. However, the analysis does not stop there. Learn More.

Pugh Provision
Because the Marcellus Shale geologic formation is located above the Onondaga layer, Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Law does not prescribe a maximum or minimum size for a unit of natural gas production. Because of this fact, Landowners must understand the potential impact of Pugh Provisions. Learn More.