Attorney Doug Clark Believes that Landowners must Understand their Gas Royalty Statements, but Doug does not Believe Landowners Should Incur Monthly or Regular Expenses to Pay Third Parties to Review or Monitor their Royalty Statements.

As shale gas development grows, Landowners are transitioning into the royalty phase of their Oil and Gas Lease. Deciphering natural gas royalty statements can be an overwhelming process. The Clark Law Firm, PC will review your royalty statement with you in detail and Attorney Doug Clark will answer any and all questions or concerns you may have regarding your royalty statement.

Doug will also review your gas lease and royalty statement and advise you whether he feels any gas company is inappropriately deducting post-production costs from your natural gas royalties. Every Landowner must understand their royalty statements and should know whether they may have a claim against any gas company for improper royalty payments.

The Clark Law Firm, PC offers a confidential detailed review of royalty statements for all Landowners. During this thorough review and conference, Doug explains royalty statement(s) in plain language so that the Landowner fully understands their royalty statement(s) after the first in-office meeting or telephone conference. After the personal Royalty Statement Review, the Landowner has the education and tools necessary to understand all future royalty statements and does not need to incur additional expenses or hire a firm or company to review or monitor their statements. Landowners should not feel overwhelmed by their royalty statements or feel that it is necessary to incur monthly expenses to hire a third party to review and monitor their royalty statements.

Before incurring the expense of hiring a person, company or bank to monitor and review your royalty statements, call The Clark Law Firm, PC to learn about the Royalty Statement Review service. Attorney Doug Clark is Pennsylvania’s Landowner Lawyer and will review your gas royalty statement(s) and provide you the tools and education necessary to understand and monitor your own royalty statements. Contact us todayand learn more about this important Landowner service!