Our promise, and Attorney Doug Clark’s promise is to work diligently for each client and represent every Landowner as if he were negotiating an Oil and Gas Lease, Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreement, Surface Use Agreement or any other oil and gas contract for his own property. Doug will listen to every client’s concerns and work to address those concerns during the negotiation process. Doug will use his extensive experience in oil and gas law and complex contract negotiations to maximize bonus, royalty or other compensation while simultaneously protecting your property and natural gas rights for future generations.

The Clark Law Firm, PC will regularly update you by telephone, e-mail, and/or U.S. Mail correspondence regarding the status of your contract negotiations or other oil and gas representation. We have built our practice on client service and strong client relationships as reflected in our many Landowner testimonials. Our Landowners are not just clients, but become members of our Clark Law Firm family that we look to serve though every stage of oil and gas development.

We maintain the fundamental principle that no Pennsylvania Landowner should enter into any oil and gas agreement unless they are fully understand the terms of the agreement and how the agreement may impact their property today and for future generations. Knowledge and education are the necessary keys for making the right decision for each individual Landowner. With education, information and experienced legal counsel, each Landowner will always make the right decision.