‘Boilerplate’ or ‘Form’ Agreements are Documents that Include the Same Standard Language that the Gas or Pipeline Company Offers to all Landowners.

Boilerplate Oil and Gas Leases, Pipeline Agreements, or other natural gas agreements are the Form documents initially presented to the Landowner by the gas or pipeline company. ‘Boilerplate’ agreements are literally identical but for the Landowner’s name and parcel information. Remember, Boilerplate or Form agreements have evolved over time and are drafted by experienced company lawyers and these form documents are carefully crafted to benefit the gas or pipeline company, and not the Landowner. These agreements will typically offer lower than necessary compensation in order to maximize company profit.

Virtually all Boilerplate or Form agreements must be negotiated to maximize financial compensation and to include valuable Addendum terms that favor the Landowner. Attorney Doug Clark is Pennsylvania’s Landowner Lawyer and negotiates the ‘Boilerplate” gas lease and pipeline agreement the company offers in order to maximize financial compensation and protections for your property. Contact us today!