Do You do Work for Gas or Pipeline Companies?

Absolutely Not! The Clark Law Firm, PC and Attorney Doug Clark ONLY work for Landowners and individuals who own oil, gas and mineral rights in Pennsylvania. We have never worked for any gas or pipeline company and never will. We are extremely passionate about our Landowner representation and are committed to leveling the playing field for Pennsylvania’s Landowners. We feel it would be disingenuous to represent Landowners while simultaneously representing gas or pipeline companies. Attorney Doug Clark is Pennsylvania’s Landowner Lawyer and works only for you.

What Makes Attorney Doug Clark Different from other Oil and Gas Lawyers?

Almost everything. Effectively representing oil and gas clients is not a part time job. We are not a law firm or attorney merely hanging a shingle or simply adding an oil and gas section to our website. Attorney Doug Clark only represents Pennsylvania Landowners on oil and gas issues and we are committed to providing the best possible Landowner oil and gas representation to each and every one of our clients.

Doug is extremely passionate in his representation of Pennsylvania Landowners and will work tirelessly to make sure each client obtains the best possible result for their individual situation. When you hire The Clark Law Firm, PC, you are not a name on a file, but a member of The Clark Law Firm family and you will receive the personal attention your situation deserves.

From a personal standpoint, Doug’s childhood and family background provides a unique understanding of the heartfelt value of each Landowner’s property. As a son of a western Pennsylvania farmer and retired steel worker, Doug truly appreciates the deeper value of a Landowner’s real property. Doug’s family farm has passed down from generation to generation and still serves as the backbone asset of his family. Doug grew up with a love and appreciation for his family’s farm and carries this perspective into his representation of each individual client.

Understanding the deeper value a family’s property motivates Doug to aggressively seek to secure the most advantageous natural gas agreement for his clients. Quite simply, Doug represents all clients as if he were negotiating an oil and gas Agreement for his own family’s farm. We are 100% committed to helping Pennsylvania Landowners.
If you still wonder what sets Doug and The Clark Law Firm, PC apart from other oil and gas attorneys, take some time to review our many Landowner testimonials.

I Do Not Live in Northeastern Pennsylvania, are you Able to Represent me and will the Distance to Your Office Negatively Impact Your Representation?

Attorney Doug Clark can represent any individual with property or oil, gas and mineral rights in Pennsylvania. Doug regularly represents clients from across the state, country and even world. Our past clients range from individuals residing in Pennsylvania, Texas, Alaska, California, Georgia, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Vermont and other states. Also, Doug has represented with Landowners from other countries, including Canada, Great Britain and Micronesia. With modern technology a client’s location and distance from our office has never proven an issue. We have never had a client terminate our services due to distance and location issues.

Do You Do More Than Represent Landowners for Gas Leasing and Will You be There if I need Representation in the Future?

Yes. The Clark Law Firm, PC is extremely fortunate to have forged lasting relationships with past oil and gas clients whom we continue to represent through the ongoing natural gas developmental process. We represent Landowners from the gas leasing stage to the royalty stage and even estate planning and probate. We are always here to help you with your oil and gas legal needs We currently represent prior gas leasing clients who have transition into pipeline clients, well pad development and roadway clients, as well as estate planning clients and improper royalty payment clients. We are extremely proud of our outstanding client retention and our humbling client testimonials. We are always just a telephone call away.

Do You Stay in Tune with the Latest Legal Trends in Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Law?

Absolutely. Doug is at the forefront of the improper royalty deduction issues and regularly studies and reviews oil and gas court decisions from Pennsylvania and other natural gas producing states across the county. Doug closely monitors pending Pennsylvania oil and gas law legislation and is active on Twitter to share Marcellus Shale articles of interest as well as relevant national and local news articles pertaining to oil and gas development.

Doug has been interviewed by multiple media outlets and was featured in WVIA’s Business Journal’s series and The National Law Journal for his work with Pennsylvania Landowners. Of course Doug also hosts his weekly radio show, All Things Marcellus, where he provides Landowners the most up to date news and developments in the natural gas industry in Pennsylvania. If you have missed All Things Marcellus, tune in today!

What Oil and Gas Company Should I Lease With and When Should I Lease My Gas Rights?

It depends. Oil and gas leasing is an individual decision that should only be made by an educated Landowner represented by knowledgeable oil and gas lawyer. If multiple natural gas companies are seeking to lease your Marcellus Shale or other natural gas rights, we thoroughly discuss which gas company’s lease offer is the most Landowner friendly and may provide the best opportunity for future gas royalties.

It is always the Landowner’s decision whether and when to lease their oil and gas rights. The Clark Law Firm, PC does not know whether gas lease compensation offers will go up or down in the future. We provide our Landowner clients with the best information available and the tools they need to make the right decision for their individual situation.

Doug breaks down the pros and cons of all offers presented to allow the client to make an informed decision for their individual situation. We maintain the position that if the Landowner is uncomfortable with the Oil and Gas Lease or other agreement presented, they should simply not sign. An Oil and Gas Lease may extend for many decades, and every Landowner must be comfortable and satisfied with their gas lease prior to signing. Remember, Landowners do not get a second opportunity to sign their Oil and Gas Lease.

Do you have a positive working relationship with Gas and Pipeline Companies?

Yes. Starting in 2007, Doug has negotiated hundreds upon hundreds Oil and Gas Leases, Pipeline Agreements and numerous other natural gas contracts with many different natural gas and pipeline companies. Through representing many hundreds of Pennsylvania Landowners, Doug has built positive working relationships and has earned the respect of many natural gas and pipeline companies and their employees and representatives. These healthy working relationships have often enabled us to expedite the negotiation process and maintain lines of communication whereby we are kept abreast of market conditions across the state. These natural gas and pipeline company contacts help serve as another valuable tool to assure our clients are receiving the best possible Marcellus Shale Oil and Gas Leases and Pipeline Agreements for their property. However, do not confuse a “working relationship” with anything more than a “working” relationship. As our testimonials reflect, our clients are always first and building positive working relationships has proven to be a valuable tool in representing Landowners to obtain the strongest possible agreements for their property.

Oil and Gas Attorney Fees?

Please contact the office directly to discuss our fee agreement options. Upon contacting our office we will answer all of questions regarding our our fee agreement options.

However, under no circumstances will The Clark Law Firm, PC ever take a percentage of our client’s royalty rights as payment for gas lease negotiation representation. We understand that you are leasing your property and completely disagree with the idea that your lawyer should share in any future royalties as a result of gas lease negotiations. We structure our oil and gas fees to help and protect the Landowner, not exploit them.