Oil & Gas Representation  – Attorney Doug Clark focuses his legal practice on representing Landowners and Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights owners in Pennsylvania. Doug has represented hundreds upon hundreds of Landowners in numerous oil and gas related issues and these numbers continues to grow.  We believe that providing education to the PA landowner is the key for the landowner to make the best informed decisions when leasing their property to maximize both the property protections and financial gains.

Remember, The Clark Law Firm, PC has never represented a natural gas or pipeline companies and never will. Attorney Doug Clark is committed to evening the playing field for Pennsylvania Landowners and providing highest quality legal services to his clients.

If you are presented with any oil and gas related legal issue, contact The Clark Law Firm, PC. Doug Clark is Pennsylvania’s Landowner Lawyer and he will help you with all your oil and gas legal needs. If you need of an oil and gas attorney, Contact us today!