Gas companies are approaching certain Landowners are being appraoched to install Water Impoundment Ponds on their property. Water Impoundment Ponds are used to store millions of gallons of water to be used in the hydraulic fracturing process. Water Impoundment Ponds arguably have great value in that they can significantly reduce heavy equipment and large water truck travel to and from well sites. Any Landowner living in areas of well site construction and hydraulic fracturing can attest to the significant destruction of rural roadways as a result of heavy truck traffic. Water Impoundment Ponds provide a gas company with the ability to run below ground or surface water lines from the Water Impoundment Pond to well sites and reduce or eliminate extensive water truck travel on local roadways.

An obvious negative impact of Water Impoundment Ponds is their sheer size, unattractive appearance and potential for personal liability. There are also environmental concerns including whether only “fresh water” will be stored in the impoundment. Water Impoundment Ponds are often “offered” to Landowners in the form of “Surface Use Agreements”. Water Impoundment Pond Agreements must be negotiated to protect the Landowner from personal liability, maximize all financial benefits and protect the Landowner’s property. In most cases a Landowner can refuse to agree to a Water Impoundment Pond on their property, or negotiate to determine whether an acceptable Agreement can be reached.

Attorney Doug Clark understands how to negotiate and strengthen Water Impoundment Pond Surface Use Agreements on behalf of Landowners. The Clark Law Firm negotiates Water Impoundment Pond Agreements to protect the Landowner from personal liability and maximize compensation while limiting the negative surface impact accompanying Water Impoundment Pounds. There are many important subtleties to these Agreements, and only through skillful negotiations will the Landowner receive the best possible Water Impoundment Agreement and most powerful protections available.

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