0 – 15 Minutes
Doug discusses landowners selling oil, gas, and mineral rights to third parties. Doug discussed pitfalls of selling gas rights and problems with sales agreements, bank mortgages, and acceleration of mortgage payments. Encouraging landowners to consult with knowledgeable attorney before ever entering into a sales agreement to sell oil and gas rights to mineral acquisition companies. Please be careful.

15 – 30 Minutes
Doug address the importance of landowners specific information for particular circumstances. Be careful of internet message boards and landowners offering advice. Doug explains the uniqueness of individual circumstances and uses real life examples to demonstrate the importance of advice for a specific landowner.

30 – 60 Minutes
Doug does detailed breakdown of example of natural gas royalty deduction tricks and lease language where companies create loop holes to allow for deductions of post-production costs. Excellent example of company language asserting that no post-production costs will be deducted but clear loop hole to allow sale at the wellhead to an affiliated party at a reduced price. Specific example to show how these issues may arise and what the landowner must look for and the importance of negotiating and understanding gas royalty Addendum language.