Why Are Gas Companies in Tioga County and across Pennsylvania Aggressively Requesting Oil and Gas Lease Extensions, Modification and Amendments for very Little Financial Compensation?

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Many leases in Pennsylvania are set to expire in 2016 or shortly thereafter and Southwestern Energy and other gas companies across Pennsylvania are aggressively seeking to extend existing gas leases for little to no compensation. Given today’s low natural gas prices, Southwestern Energy and many gas companies across Pennsylvania are seeking to extend existing Oil and Gas Leases to avoid drilling expensive horizontal wells into the deeper Marcellus and Utica Shale formations. Property and gas rights owners must be very cautious when considering any extension, modification or amendment of their existing gas lease as these extensions or other changes generally benefit the gas company and not the landowner.

All Things Marcellus®: Gas Lease Extension Overview

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Doug explains how The Clark Law Firm, PC represents landowners and oil and gas right owners across Pennsylvania and clients across the country. Doug addresses why he has been hired by gas and pipeline company employees and Landman to represent them on their own personal property and gas right ownership.  Why do company representatives and employees hire knowledgeable oil and gas attorney’s to represent them in private affairs?  Landowners must recognize that the gas company Landman is out to negotiate the best possible deal in favor of the company they work for, and not you, the landowner.  No gas company or pipeline company Landman goes to the landowner’s house and tells them that they are working for the company and they are out to get the best deal for the company and give the landowner the worst terms possible.  Even company representatives and Landman know the benefits and will often hire attorney’s to work for them in their own private matters involving gas and pipeline companies.

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Air Date: March 20, 2016

All Things Marcellus®: Contemplating Agreements in Today’s Market (3/13/16)

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Doug continues to discuss why landowners should avoid the “signor” tag by the company.  Doug explains the importance of not simply signing the first set of documents offered by the company landman.  How negotiation and information will lead to property owners signing the best possible gas lease, pipeline easement and other agreements that will impact future generations.

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Air Date: March 13, 2016