All Things Marcellus®: Arbitration Provisions in Oil and Gas Leases Benefit the Gas Company (4/9/17)

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In this episode of All Things Marcellus, Attorney Doug Clark of The Clark Law Firm discusses how oil and gas lease agreements are presented to Pennsylvania property owners. Doug explains the gas company’s present a standard form oil and gas lease usually consisting of two to four pages. These gas lease form documents are drafted by smart company lawyers for the benefit of the gas company and not the lessor. These gas lease agreements have evolved over time and are carefully designed to take advantage of Pennsylvania oil and gas law to the benefit of the company and not the royalty owner.  The landowner or natural gas right owner must negotiate to have beneficial terms added to the gas lease by way of an attached Addendum. Often gas companies will have their landman present gas lease agreements with addendum terms already provided. These company provided addendum terms must be highly scrutinized because there is a strong chance that these terms initially offered by the company provide little to no protection or benefit to the landowner/lessor.

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Air Date: April 9, 2017

All Things Marcellus®: FRS – SWEPI TWS Ag Attack (2/12/17)

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In this episode of All Things Marcellus, Doug discusses The Clark Law Firm’s representation of oil and gas right owners and property owners in Pennsylvania regarding natural gas issues. Attorney Clark explains how he has never represented gas for pipeline companies and how he works and fights for Pennsylvania residents and gas right owners.

Doug goes on a bit of a rant about techniques that the gas and pipeline company landman use in an effort to induce or persuade Pennsylvania property owners to sign bad oil and gas agreements. Doug explains that companies love when large acre property owners or property owners with lawyers sign bad gas agreements. The company then seeks to use the bad agreements and present them to other property owners and explain that the person who signed this agreement had an attorney and you should just simply sign the same agreement and save money by not hiring an attorney.  Doug explains that what your neighbor does, or anybody else in your area does, is not necessarily relevant to your case when you were negotiating to maximize money and addendum language in your unique situation. Of course, if there is a higher per acre or per foot rate paid in your area, we want that to be the floor for your compensation and your payment must equal or exceed the amount received by others in your area.  However, at no point do we rely solely on what anyone else may have done, because they may have signed a terrible natural gas or pipeline agreement and their lawyer may have been experienced and had little knowledge of Pennsylvania oil and gas law or experience in negotiating complex natural gas contracts.  Do not be fooled by a landman working for the company, get your own experience oil and gas lawyer and do not sign anything without consulting and knowledgeable attorney.

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Air Date: February 12, 2017

Why Are Gas Companies in Tioga County and across Pennsylvania Aggressively Requesting Oil and Gas Lease Extensions, Modification and Amendments for very Little Financial Compensation?

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Many leases in Pennsylvania are set to expire in 2016 or shortly thereafter and Southwestern Energy and other gas companies across Pennsylvania are aggressively seeking to extend existing gas leases for little to no compensation. Given today’s low natural gas prices, Southwestern Energy and many gas companies across Pennsylvania are seeking to extend existing Oil and Gas Leases to avoid drilling expensive horizontal wells into the deeper Marcellus and Utica Shale formations. Property and gas rights owners must be very cautious when considering any extension, modification or amendment of their existing gas lease as these extensions or other changes generally benefit the gas company and not the landowner.

All Things Marcellus®: Gas Lease Extension Overview

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0 – 15 Minutes
Doug explains how The Clark Law Firm, PC represents landowners and oil and gas right owners across Pennsylvania and clients across the country. Doug addresses why he has been hired by gas and pipeline company employees and Landman to represent them on their own personal property and gas right ownership.  Why do company representatives and employees hire knowledgeable oil and gas attorney’s to represent them in private affairs?  Landowners must recognize that the gas company Landman is out to negotiate the best possible deal in favor of the company they work for, and not you, the landowner.  No gas company or pipeline company Landman goes to the landowner’s house and tells them that they are working for the company and they are out to get the best deal for the company and give the landowner the worst terms possible.  Even company representatives and Landman know the benefits and will often hire attorney’s to work for them in their own private matters involving gas and pipeline companies.

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Air Date: March 20, 2016

All Things Marcellus® – Wellsboro Seminar & FERC (10/11/15)

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0 – 15 Minutes
Doug discusses the importance of understanding your oil and gas lease and identifying what rights you are granting the gas company in exchange for the bonus payment and promise of potential future royalties. Doug addresses the importance of identifying the rights you are granting the company and the need to restrict those rights or identify the rights given to the company that you cannot restrict.

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Air Date: October 11, 2015