The Experience of finding your way with gas companies is a tough one.  You are inundated with representatives who deliberately come across as your friends though they really are out only for themselves.  On top of that, they speak a foreign language which is difficult to understand no matter how much time you take.

My husband and I felt totally overwhelmed when we contacted the Clark Law Firm, PC.  They listened to our concerns and began to sort out a route for us to take.  They understood the language as well as the issues involving the gas companies.  In our most recent involvement with the law firm they negotiated a road right of way easement.  Their experience helps you know what is reasonable in finding consensus.  They have helped us avoid many traps and hazards along our way.  They and their staff are trustworthy, caring, knowledgeable guides who know how to navigate a very complicated system.  We have been so thankful for their efforts on our part and highly recommend them!

Nancy and Paul Stone