I recommend Doug Clark if you are in need of legal counsel in connection with a natural gas lease.

In May of 2010, I was struggling with a natural gas lease offered on a five-acre vacation property in Sullivan County, PA. Though I have an MBA and thirty years of experience in business, it was clear to me I needed some legal assistance from an expert – not just a lawyer, but a specialist skilled in the details of negotiating a natural gas lease. Doug Clark and his wife, Marceea, office manager, are both knowledgeable and handled all of my questions and concerns in a professional manner. I signed up and paid for a one-hour consultation, but I am certain that their combined time amounted to considerably more than that.

While my transaction was fairly simple, I believe there are many things that can go wrong with a natural gas lease. The Clark law firm ensured peace of mind for me and my family that our vacation home was protected. At the same time, the assistance we received from Doug and Marceea Clark ensured that we negotiated the best possible deal with the gas company.

In short, I recommend the Clark Law Firm without reservation!