Having signed an early gas lease in 2007 without knowledgeable legal advisement, we had become increasingly apprehensive as we continued to learn of severe adverse events occurring as a result of gas drilling and pipeline installations. We are farmers raising beef cattle and pride ourselves for being good stewards of this beautiful and unspoiled land. We tried to educate ourselves and were disappointed with some of the lawyers we spoke with noting lack of interest, accessibility and knowledge of the gas/pipeline implications for landowners. We really felt at loose ends and became increasingly apprehensive as the drilling in our immediate area of New Albany became an intense reality. How fortunate we were to read an ad telling of an upcoming presentation by The Clark Law Firm in our area. After communicating with Attorney Doug Clark and his very knowledgeable and supportive wife, Marceea, we realized there really is a landowner attorney who is genuinely interested, informed and dedicated to adroitly advising the landowner. As we proceed in our work with Doug at the helm, we are finally reassured and encouraged to be able to deal with the intimidation and pressure effected by the big gas company leases and related issues. And how wonderful to be involved with really nice, honest and passionate people like the Clarks! If you hear of or see an ad for one of Doug’s presentations, be sure to attend as you will come away much better informed and hopeful that there really can be someone watching out for the landowner!