We were referred to The Clark Law Firm by our son, who is a law student at Temple Law School in Philadelphia. He had asked one of his professors who teaches contract law, and our son’s professor had recommended Doug Clark. I had previously attempted on two occasions to negotiate a gas and oil lease on our property in Tioga County, however on both occasions I was unsuccessful in my attempts. On our third attempt my wife and I agreed that we needed to retain an attorney who was well versed in the nuances of contract negotiations with SWEPI. Not only did Mr. Clark protect our interests, and incorporate into the contract all of the addendums that we had requested, he was also able to successfully negotiate terms that captured one third more revenues on the lease price per acre. He was also successful in negotiating 3% more total royalty payment than was initially offered by Shell. I would strongly urge anyone who is in the process of considering a gas and oil lease negotiation with SWEPI or any other company in our region to consider Mr. Clark and The Clark Law Firm before attempting to negotiate the lease details on your own.