TCLF Gets an “A+” – and Really Nice People

In May of 2008, I, as an absentee land owner, learned of the leasing of mineral rights from my neighbor, a very determined researcher. She explained to me all of the information gleaned about leases and lawyers. Doug Clark had written an article about these leases and landowners' concerns and rights which greatly appealed to her concerns about protecting her family's "century farm." Since he did the absolute best for her and to her strict criterion, I chose to have him represent me as well. Interest for his client, accessibility, fairness, contact with both sides in negotiation were all A+ and he and Marceea are really nice people!
Bob Frisch

Will Never Use any Other Law Office for Lease Agreements

I called the law office of Douglas Clark because me and my siblings needed legal assistance with obtaining a lease agreement between us and Chesapeake oil company for land we own in NE Pennsylvania. The land-master wanted us to move on this rather quickly for fear that Chesapeake might pull out of the deal and we didn’t know who to turn to. We were never a part of a unit of local land owners and never dealt with such an important matter in our lives. We were completely lost. We called the Douglas Clark law office and Douglas took our case immediately. He negotiated a lease deal for us that was 1000% better then the addendum Chesapeake was offering us. He made us feel like we were seasoned business partners dealing with this company. Everything went through without a hitch and our rental agreement was paid out to us almost immediately. I will never use any other Law office when dealing with future lease agreements. My siblings and I were absolutely grateful for all of Doug’s services.
Michael Piatkowski

TCLF Friendly and Never too Busy To Answer Questions

A few years ago I was approached by several gas companies regarding gas leasing. I knew I would need some legal help. Not really knowing a lawyer, I saw an ad in the local paper for the Clark Law Firm. So I gave them a call, I was very pleased how friendly they were and eager to help. So I gave them a try. Since then I have recommended them to several people and would do so again. They handled my gas leasing with the most professional care always making sure that my contract was in the best of my interest. After what seems like a hundred phone calls with questions I would have, they were never too busy to answer them. I highly recommend The Clark Law Firm.
John C Daley, Hallstead, PA

Doug is Straightforward Offering Sound and Clear Advice

As a landowner in Wyoming County, PA and having no experience in gas leasing I was fortunate to find the services of Doug Clark. He was straightforward with sound, clear advice and was responsive when I had questions. I feel Doug negotiated the best gas leasing contract he could for me and did it for a reasonable price.
Gary Hague

TCLF Gets Hunting Club Best Lease and Protects Club

I am writing this letter to let you both know how much we appreciated the work you performed on securing a Natural Gas Lease for my Hunting Club. You worked very diligently to find our organization the best lease that was available and also to protect our organizations interests. You were both very helpful in answering any and all of our questions and concerns about the lease and the addendums. We felt very comfortable in having you represent us and will use your firm again. We will continue to recommend you to others who may need help in securing a Natural Gas Lease.
Gerald J. Rusek Jr.

Felt Great to have Doug Clark – A Landowner Lawyer

The Clark Law Firm helped my brothers and I get a great leasing agreement with Cabot for our family property in Susquehanna County. Our final lease looked nothing like the lease originally offered from Cabot. He was able to address our property concerns about leasing our longtime family farm. I was very hesitant to sign a lease at first, but with Doug’s help, I knew it was the right thing for our family and our future. Doug and Marceea were very accessible and kind. It felt great to know that we had a landowner lawyer who looked at things from our perspective. Doug did a great job and I would gladly recommend him to any landowner in the future.

TCLF Bests Other Law Firms

Jan and I think you did an excellent job with our lease agreement. It was handled in a professional and timely manner. The protections your office negotiated were much better than leases secured, by other law firms for some of our neighbors. We were well served by you and your highly trained staff. Marceea provided not only invaluable expertise but some comic relief for a very stressful situation.
Bob and Janet

Couldn’t Have Been Happier with Doug’s Knowledge and Efforts

Our family contacted Doug Clark based on the recommendation of friends he negotiated a lease for. Our family owns over 225 acres in Susquehanna County. We couldn’t have been happier with his knowledge and efforts. Doug kept us in the loop as he negotiated with several companies. We were able to increase our bonus offer and royalty percentage with Doug’s help. He also addressed our concerns about environmental issues and helped us feel confident we were protecting our family’s property for future generations. Our entire family is grateful for all Doug’s efforts and assistance during a confusing and stressful time. We were extremely pleased with Doug’s reasonable fees, efforts and assistance. I feel very fortunate that we found him to represent us in leasing our property and welcomed the opportunity to write a testimonial for his services.

Hopes More Families Will Hire TCLF

I was introduced to Doug Clark's work at a seminar he hosted in Wellsboro, PA. I was impressed with his experience. I had gone to meetings hosted by natural gas companies in the past. No mention of potential pitfalls were brought to my attention. After the seminar, I was better prepared to talk with a land man. I knew what I wanted for the future of my land. After weeks of attempting negotiations with a landman, I could see I needed someone with more experience on my side. The negotiations were not going well. The other side did not want to budge on terms in the contract. This was problematic because the terms could hold the land in a non-producing state. I thought of the seminar that Doug Clark hosted. With his help, my contract with the natural gas companies is solid. I hope more businesses and families in the area will hire The Clark Law Firm for the negotiation process.
Chris Montgomery, A Tioga County Landowner

Recommends TCLF “To All Who Will Listen”

Thank you for the Oil and Gas Lease you negotiated for us with the Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation. You managed to incorporate details in our favor that we are sure we wouldn’t have been able to on our own; in fact, some we didn’t even know about. We are recommending your services to all who will listen.  Thanks again.
A Susquehanna County Landowner

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