Doug’s Foremost Concern is His Clients. Staff is “Amazing”

Our family had been in negotiations with UGI with regard to a pipeline easement on our property in Pennsylvania for quite some time before we finally retained Doug Clark to represent us. This particular piece of property is owned by two sides of the family with many issues to be resolved. From the very first conference call we had with Doug we instantly knew and all agreed that we were in good hands. When we spoke after the call, we were all in agreement that we felt very comfortable and relieved that he would be handling this matter on our behalf.His knowledge of pipeline easements and the companies themselves is extremelyextensive. You could not be in better hands. Doug’s first and foremost concern is for the benefit of his clients! His staff is amazing, professional and very competent. Even with all the issues between the families, our Agreement was signed in a very timely manner and we could not have found a better attorney anywhere to negotiate it for us.
Wyoming County Landowners

Open Thank You Letter to TCLF

Douglas, Marceea and Vanessa, The legal services you have provided us and your knowledge of the gas exploration activities have greatly minimized the anxiety in dealing with issues we had no experience with. Douglas, Your straight forward approach using the facts available has simplified our challenges and answered all our questions regarding our concerns as a landowner. We are very happy with the representation you have provided us and the negotiations you have completed. These include a water impoundment agreement, temporary water line ROW, gas line ROW and a temporary work space and access agreement. These various negotiations included several companies and numerous individuals. We could not have reached satisfactory resolution on these issues without your very professional representation. Marceea and Vanessa, You also represent your firm in the most professional, friendly and efficient manner. It has been enjoyable when we have needed to visit your offices. Your response to client needs could not be better. Again, THANK YOU and we can definitely recommend your firm for any business concerns relating to natural gas exploration.
A Wyoming County Landowner

Call TCLF Before Signing Pipeline Easement Agreement

The Clark Law Firm got me an excellent pipeline lease with Williams Pipeline Group. He negotiated me a very fair compensation agreement with very important addendums.. Very down to earth and easy to talk to and understand. Nobody should sign a pipeline easement without talking to Doug first!
A Lenox Township, Susquehanna County Landowner

Investment in TCLF Pays Off Tenfold For Clearfield County Landowner

The Clark Law Firm helped my family with a ROW agreement in Clearfiled County, PA. We negotiated with the company trying to execute the agreement for over a year. When we were close to an agreement, we contacted the Clark Law Firm and asked for advice. If my family had signed the ROW Agreement without consultation, we would have signed an agreement for thousands less than the amount we received having the Clark Law Firm negotiate for us. Our investment in the Clark Law Firm paid for itself tenfold.

“Highest Level of Integrity and Professionalism,” Genuine Concern and Outstanding Communication

While searching online for a gas pipeline attorney, we found a video of an interview with attorney Douglas A. Clark. We learned he was raised in Armstrong County, Pa, and worked on his grandfather’s farm during his boyhood and teenage years. Hoping he would understand how important our land was to us, we gave Doug a call. We were not disappointed. Doug negotiated a right-of-way pipeline agreement with NRG that was landowner friendly. During the process several unexpected issues arose that were frustrating to us; however, Doug continued with perseverance and patience until the final agreement was reached. He maintained the highest level of integrity and professionalism, while having a genuine concern for our land and our financial expenses. His communication was outstanding, keeping us up-to-date with the negotiation progress, providing options to consider, and explaining the agreement in terms we could understand. Should we need legal advice concerning pipelines in the future we will certainly call Doug Clark.
A Lawrence County Landowner

Doug Clark’s Name Kept Coming Up for Marcellus Shale Representation

About three years ago, my family negotiated a gas drilling lease with one of the major companies working in Susquehanna County. Doing business in a field that has given us a great deal of experience with real estate leasing, we undertook the lease negotiations without the help of an attorney knowledgeable in the oil and gas leasing business. I have no regrets about the lease that we ultimately agreed on with the gas company, but it was a tremendous effort to acquire the knowledge necessary to be properly informed about the industry prior to entering into that lease. A little over a year ago, we began hearing from the gas pipeline folks. When I began to look over the documentation that they were presenting, I thought to myself “Do I have to go through this entire education process AGAIN”! My highest priority was to maximize the financial benefits of participating in the gas business while protecting the interests of my family and our land. I knew it was time to work with someone who knew the gas business. It was then that I started asking the advice of various professionals throughout Northeastern PA that I had worked with over the years. One name that came up repeatedly was that of Doug Clark. I did a bit of “fact checking” about Doug prior to calling him. In the process, I was able to read some of his material, and that convinced me that he knew what he was talking about! I recall reading one item that made me think “I wish we would have known that when we negotiated our gas lease”! Initially, I asked Doug to look over a pipeline ROW request that we had received. Doug quickly proved to be a “hands on” professional. Over the month’s I have learned that Doug works with his wife Marceea and enjoys spending time with his family. These are both qualities that I value in a professional! Since that initial project, Doug has assisted us on various other gas lease and pipeline ROW issues that have come up. Being able to rely on Doug’s expertise gives me the confidence to say that the best interests of my family and our land are protected when it comes to “All Things Marcellus”!
A Susquehanna Landowner

TCLF – A Great Asset and Outshined Other Attorneys

Our family owns land in Susquehanna County. Attorney Doug Clark represented us in oil and gas lease and pipeline right-a-way negotiations with Carrizo. Attorney Clark was very knowledgeable and a great asset to have on our side during negotiations. He was very responsive to our questions via email or phone which is a trait we have not always seen with other attorney’s and was appreciated greatly. Our worries and stress were greatly relieved by engaging Attorney Doug Clark in our negotiations. Every aspect was handled timely and smoothly. In addition Attorney Clark represented us in another legal matter involving representation in a court case. He was very prepared and clearly outshined the other Attorney’s involved. Due to his efforts the outcome was positive for us.
Susquehanna County Landowners

TCLF – Positive and Negative List You Can’t Miss

I wish to thank all of you from the Clark Law firm (Marceea/Vanessa and Doug) for your outstanding performance on providing me a quality service on time. I feel good about what we have put in place. I wish to list all the Positives you people have provided NOT by priority.

1. Understanding my values about my property.

2. Personality of all

3. Quick turn around on all issues. ( I could not keep up sometimes with your replies)

4. The ability to explain to me specific issues in the contracts.

5. An understanding of the current market place. This applies to pricing and wording of the contracts.

6. Making me Money on several issues that I would not have seen.

7. Easy Signing of Contract documents

8. The fact that you know this inside and out and do not deal with other legal stuff. Several of the lawyers I have dealt with in the past take for ever and continuous call them to get things done.

9. Pricing very fair.

10. Taking care of my Void Lease with Cabot.

11. Not having to travel to you office and going over issues. I hate to spend time traveling.

Negatives: You did not come here see the property/Go swimming and see my cows. Thank you so much.
A Susquehanna County Landowner


I can't thank you enough for your assistance and advice concerning the pipeline right of way negotiations with Williams. I'm surprised Williams sent a check for the full amount. BOY, YOU ARE GOOD! I'll be contacting you again when the current lease is up unless I need your services sooner. Also, please give my thanks to Marceea and Vanessa, I have never dealt with staffas knowledgeable and friendly.
A Susquehanna County Landowner

Doug Finalizes Deal Lease Ahead of Schedule

When we couldn't get answers from EOG resources, we called The Clark Law Firm and EOG resources started answering questions. A deal was negotiated, finalized, and paid 30 days ahead of schedule. Thank you Doug and Marceea!
Mike and Brenda Reiter, Bradford County Landowners

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