0 – 15 Minutes
Doug goes off.  Doug rants about Pennsylvania Landowners being taken advantage of by gas and pipeline company landmen and not appreciating the adversarial nature of the process. The landman is not on your side, The landman works for the company.  Doug reviews how landowners were taken advantage of during the gas leasing phase and are repeating the same landowner mistakes when dealing with pipeline, roadway, and related issues.  Doug implores landowners to recognize their unique situation and negotiate all contracts and agreements.

15 – 30 Minutes
Doug continues aggressive rant regarding landowners signing bad agreements and not appreciating the negotiation process with the gas or pipeline companies.  Most agreements are negotiable and a landman will virtually never offer the strongest agreements early.  Also, do not be the “low hanging fruit” and sign bad agreements early on without understanding your rights and being educated and informed regarding the process and the market.

30 – 45 Minutes & 45 – 60 Minutes
Doug discusses natural gas prices and market, explains recent highest bonus offer ever to a client and how natural gas market may impact gas leasing. Value of reviews and consultations prior to signing any agreement.