Doug’s reputation is Well Known and is a “Staunch Advocate for the Rights Holder”

Our family conducted a lot of due diligence to identify a firm that would help us with our potential lease agreements in Washington County, PA. We first were attracted to The Clark Law Firm after speaking with Marcea Clark, who was extremely helpful, had a straight forward and no nonsense approach, and provided ample guidance for us to become quickly comfortable with their team. Doug's reputation was well known, and we understood why once we had our initial consultation. He is thorough and extremely well informed as to the myriad activities in the region. And given unique circumstances surrounding my family's gas and oil rights, his counsel was thoughtful and appropriate. Once he was engaged, he wasted no time drafting the appropriate documents and interfacing with the various interested entities in the area. He is a staunch advocate for the rights holder and is dogged in his approach to achieve the best possible outcomes.
A Washington County Landowner

TCLF Honest and Passionate for Landowners

Having signed an early gas lease in 2007 without knowledgeable legal advisement, we had become increasingly apprehensive as we continued to learn of severe adverse events occurring as a result of gas drilling and pipeline installations. We are farmers raising beef cattle and pride ourselves for being good stewards of this beautiful and unspoiled land. We tried to educate ourselves and were disappointed with some of the lawyers we spoke with noting lack of interest, accessibility and knowledge of the gas/pipeline implications for landowners. We really felt at loose ends and became increasingly apprehensive as the drilling in our immediate area of New Albany became an intense reality. How fortunate we were to read an ad telling of an upcoming presentation by The Clark Law Firm in our area. After communicating with Attorney Doug Clark and his very knowledgeable and supportive wife, Marceea, we realized there really is a landowner attorney who is genuinely interested, informed and dedicated to adroitly advising the landowner. As we proceed in our work with Doug at the helm, we are finally reassured and encouraged to be able to deal with the intimidation and pressure effected by the big gas company leases and related issues. And how wonderful to be involved with really nice, honest and passionate people like the Clarks! If you hear of or see an ad for one of Doug's presentations, be sure to attend as you will come away much better informed and hopeful that there really can be someone watching out for the landowner!

Speaking and working with Doug is Like Dealing with an Old Friend

Even though we had never met, when we called and spoke to you on the phone we felt confident that you would work on our behalf. After speaking to Marceea and later to Doug, we knew that you were the right people to do the job for us. We appreciated your patience in working with our family, which I know was a little complicated. All of our questions were answered and our many concerns were carefully explained. You can be sure that we will call on you again for future legal work. Speaking to you and working with you was like dealing with old friends. I am so glad we chose your firm to work on this lease, and we all want to thank you again.
A Susquehanna County Landowner

Doug does “Excellent Job Securing Outstanding Agreement!”

My wife and I would like to thank you for doing an excellent job securing an outstanding agreement! I certainly will recommend your firm to anyone who is negotiating terms of a lease.
Susquehanna County Landowners

TCLF = “Courteous, Prompt and Expert Services”

We are very appreciative of the courteous, prompt and expert service we received from everyone at the Clark Law Firm. I always recommend Doug’s services to anyone I speak with needing legal advice in the gas industry and we would not hesitate to call if we need representation in the future. Thanks Again.
Susquehanna County Landowners

Doug Clark is on “Our Side”

Dear Doug, Thank you for representing us so well when Cabot Oil & Gas retroactively reduced our royalty payments. Once again showing the gas company is not on our side, but you are. Thanks again for resolving this problem.
A Susquehanna County Landowner

Another “Thanks” to TCLF and Staff

Just a note to thank you, Marceea and Vanessa for your quick response to our questionsregarding our gas lease in Susquehanna county. Even though we own a small parcell of land the amount of time you folks spent helping us and answering all of our questions was very much appreciated. Thanks again.
A Middletown Township, Susquehanna County Landowner

Landowner Will Not Sign Any Gas Agreement Without Doug Clark

As a Wyoming County gas lease owner I was overwhelmed by the “rumor factory” on gas wells, drilling, production units, pipelines, and royalties. Everyone I spoke to gave me different information and advice. The Clark Law Firm was recommended to me by my estate attorney. Talking with Doug was very informative and helpful. He answered all of my questions and is extremely knowledgeable and informed on all aspects of the gas industry. I will not sign another gas related document without Doug reviewing it first. I highly recommend The Clark Law Firm to everyone who holds a gas lease in the Marcellus Shale.
A Meshoppen Township, Wyoming County Landowner

Thanks For Including Our Son in Florida

Thank you very much for reviewing our Oil and Gas Lease for a parcel of land in Wells Township, Bradford County, PA. It was good of you to arrange for a conference call, so that our son in Florida was able to participate in the telephone conversation. Again, thank you for giving us a thorough presentation of our present lease. We appreciate the fact that the situation has been explained to us and that there will be no surprises to us with the Lessee in the days ahead. We certainly will get in touch with you if any problems should arise in the future.
A Bradford County Landowner

Highly Recommend TCLF for Gas Lease Review

As a Sullivan County land owner I was unsure where to turn to get legal advice regarding a Carrizo gas lease for our property. I found The Clark Law Firm on the internet and after a preliminary conversation set-up a lease review call with Doug Clark. During the call Doug went over all of the pros and cons of the lease agreement and offered advice on adding an invaluable addendum to the lease that would protect the physical integrity of our property. Doug spent well more than the allotted hour talking with me and told me to call him with additional questions that would result in no additional charges to myself. I highly recommend the Clark Law Firm if you are considering a gas lease review.
Fox Township, Sullivan County Landowner

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