Lucky to Find TCLF and Doug Clark

We are landowners in Bradford County. We have leased land to one of the major gas companies and have been approached by them several times for various reasons relating to the infrastructure necessary for the gas drilling process. Good legal representation is essential for landowners because there is so much information to absorb and understand relating to the Marcellus Shale and it can be truly overwhelming. We have negotiated a Compressor Station, Water Impoundment Pond, Gas Pipelines, Well Pad and Access Roads. When we were initially approached, my husband did research on the internet and found the name of Clark Law Offices in Peckville, PA and was very impressed. We have been so very fortunate to have used their law firm. Doug is fair, diligent, and well versed on all of the many complicated issues that relate to the Marcellus Shale. He is a strong negotiator and we were extremely pleased and pleasantly surprised with the amount of the potential financial awards and the subsequent sign-up fees that he was able to negotiate on our behalf. Phone calls and emails are answered promptly and his office staff is polite and very knowledgeable about ongoing cases. Additionally, Doug Clark’s Law Firm is well respected by the gas companies. Using his firm has been a win-win situation and we consider ourselves very lucky to have found them.
A Bradford County Landowner

Doug Understands and Supports the Landowner

We contacted Attorney Clark for some guidance on a lease modification requested by our O&G company. He and his staff were responsive to our requests and concerns, knowledgeable regarding our leasing company as well as similar situations and easy to talk to in reviewing our specific problems and decisions. He provided us with solid, actionable suggestions. Mr. Clark’s experience with the gas and oil industry and firm stance on the side of the landowner were evident in ALL of our dealings. We would not hesitate to recommend Doug Clark and his staff to anyone who is looking for legal representation in an oil and gas matter. We walked away confident that we understood our options and the most likely path to achieve what was best for us. He will be our choice going forward if we are in need of further counsel – he understands and supports the landowner!
A Mercer County Landowner

TCLF – Tells You What You Need to Hear

I asked the Clark Law Firm to review a proposed amendment to my gas lease. Based on his reputation, and on my own previous experience with Doug Clark, I was confident that he could give me good expert advice on what the gas company would or wouldn't do, that I couldn't get anywhere else. Doug explained the importance of each item in the amendment, and helped me understand that I didn't have as much leverage with the gas company as I had hoped that I did. Although he didn't tell me quite what I had wanted to hear, he told me exactly what I needed to hear. I can now proceed with some confidence in dealing with the gas company and protecting my investment. Thanks Doug
A Susquehanna County Landowner

TAG Landowner Group - Thanks to TCLF

I would like to personally thank you for assisting our group with the review and presentation of our negotiated amendment. From our initial consultation through the conclusion of the presentation to our group, I found your firm to be extremely knowledgeable and thorough in the handling of this issue. It is my pleasure to recommend The Clark Law Firm to anyone needing legal counsel regarding oil and gas leases and/or amendments.
TAG Landowner Group

Doug’s Expertise and Invaluable in Lease Modification

Myself and two of our neighbors had been approached by Chesapeake wanting to modify our lease. Doug Clark’s expertise was invaluable to us, as we were unsure about the changes requested and needed facts rather than opinions. Doug was able to successfully negotiate the lease modifications to both our and Chesapeake’s satisfaction, plus he negotiated a bonus payment for the lease modification which was not originally offered. Thank you, Doug!
A Sullivan County Landowner

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