Another Job Well Done by TCLF

Following a referral by a neighbor, my wife and I engaged The Clark Law Firm to assist in a gas lease in Susquehanna County just as the cauldron was beginning to boil. We subsequently had the firm review two pipeline agreements. Our experiences were favorable. The gas field activity was very dynamic at the time and we ended up with offers from three gas companies and family members with different goals. Doug and Marceea were both professional and practical throughout the entire process. I feel that we could be poster children for many of the unique situations which the firm has chalked up to experience. Having over the years worked with different attorneys in a variety of legal issues, I’d remind every client that you are the employer and the product a law firm furnishes you is subject to your perusal and approval. Do your homework to the best of your ability and make sure you review every word and that it meets your expectations. And don’t hesitate to ask questions. While the criteria and intricacies of the “gas rush” in Pennsylvania continue to evolve, I can go to bed at night knowing that we achieved the best possible agreements, with the most benefits and protections that were available at the time. That’s a job well done and The Clark Law Firm fulfilled their roll admirably.
A Susquehanna County Landowner

Subsurface Easement, Surface Use Agreement and Lease Review – “Highly Recommends” The Clark Law Firm

We would like to express our deep appreciation to the Doug Clark Law Firm for the excellent legal advice and professional way you have handled our Gas Company business dealings. Doug reviewed our Lease, Surface Use agreements and Subsurface Easement and our Temporary above Ground Water Line agreement with us to enable us to understand thoroughly, then contacted Chesapeake and arranged changes to meet our requests and needs. Our phone calls and emails were always answered promptly, and all questions were treated with priority. We were kept updated on the status of our business at all times. Doug, Marceea, and Vanessa were so pleasant and knowledgeable that it made it a pleasure to do business with them. We would highly recommend the Clark Law Firm to anyone doing business with leases and agreements involving the Gas Companies and their affiliates.
A Bradford County Landowner

Electric ROW, Directional Drilling Pad and Water Line Right-of-Way Testimonial – “Definitely Recommends” The Clark Law Firm

My wife and I would like to thank the Clark Law Firm for their work on what was to be a simple water line ROW, but became more complex as the natural gas company went from this proposal to adding an electric ROW, and directional drilling pad. Attorney Doug Clark is very knowledgeable. He answered our questions, guided us through our decisions and supported our final decisions. He negotiated with the natural gas company on our behalf until the final agreements were signed. His staff made us feel welcome and at ease with asking any questions we might have had during this process. They understood our concerns as property owners. We would definitely recommend the Clark Law Firm to anyone seeking legal council to deal with the natural gas companies.
A Susquehanna County Landowner

Rosanne Says Clark Law Firm “Best Experience” in Dealing with a Law Firm” PennDot ROW Acquisition Issue

I want to thank you for representing us in the Right of Way Acquisition in Liberty Township, Pennsylvania. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your whole office. You and your staff were always courteous and prompt in talking to us or getting back to us with answers to our questions and concerns. We were very happy with the results in the acquisition. I am in real estate and have worked with many attorneys but your firm was the best experience I have had in dealing with a law firm.
Rosanne Fearnley

Doug is “Fair, diligent and well versed” on all Complicated Marcellus Shale Issues

We are landowners in Bradford County. We have leased land to one of the major gas companies and have been approached by them several times for various reasons relating to the infrastructure necessary for the gas drilling process. Good legal representation is essential for landowners because there is so much information to absorb and understand relating to the Marcellus Shale and it can be truly overwhelming. We have negotiated a Compressor Station, Water Impoundment Pond, Gas Pipelines, Well Pad and Access Roads. When we were initially approached, my husband did research on the internet and found the name of Clark Law Offices in Peckville, PA and was very impressed. We have been so very fortunate to have used their law firm. Doug is fair, diligent, and well versed on all of the many complicated issues that relate to the Marcellus Shale. He is a strong negotiator and we were extremely pleased and pleasantly surprised with the amount of the potential financial awards and the subsequent sign-up fees that he was able to negotiate on our behalf. Phone calls and emails are answered promptly and his office staff is polite and very knowledgeable about ongoing cases. Additionally, Doug Clark’s Law Firm is well respected by the gas companies. Using his firm has been a win-win situation and we consider ourselves very lucky to have found them.
A Bradford County Landowner

Doug Clark and TCLF is on “Our Side”

Dear Doug, Thank you for representing us so well when Cabot Oil & Gas retroactively reduced our royalty payments. Once again showing the gas company is not on our side, but you are. Thanks again for resolving this problem.
A Susquehanna County Landowner

London Not Too Far Away – Thanks For Getting My Acreage Included Into Production Unit

I live in London, England but I own property in Susquehanna County Pennsylvania. I signed my gas lease with Cabot in 2011, but my property was not included in a production unit surrounding my property and Iwas not receiving royalty payments. I was referred to Doug Clark from a friend who is actually employed in the gas industry. I was very concerned about the distance with me living in London. However, distance was never a problem. Doug communicated with me regularly by email and kept me updated throughout the entire process. Doug went directly to Cabot and was able get my property included into the production unit and was even able to get me some past royalties that I otherwise would not have received. Doug and his staff are readily available to answer questions, and are responsive in a timely fashion. I am not treated as just another client, but as if they are genuinely interested in helping me, without racking up unnecessary professional time, and therefore, fees. I am very thankful that I was referred to Doug Clark and The Clark Law Firm and I would highly recommend Doug to any landowner looking for oil and gas representation.
London Resident and A Susquehanna County Landowner

Thanks for Getting Our 18 + Acres Into a Gas Production Unit – Couldn’t do it Without You

Thank you for getting Southwestern Energy to include our 18+ acres in the ----------- unit. We, literally, couldn't have done it without you; we know because we tried. After our initial meeting with you, Gary and I thought for the first time maybe we had a chance of making Southwestern agree to fulfill the terms of their lease with us. Of course, we had our doubts along the way because of their constant stalling. We really appreciate your and your staff's prompt, courteous service. We realize you had "bigger fish to fry" but we thank you for bringing our case to a successful conclusion. We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who has any gas lease problems.
G & S – Bradford County Landowners

Landowner “Doing the ‘Happy Dance’!!!”

I was going to try to come up with something “special” for my testimonial, but I think my original email pretty much sums up how I feel. This is in response to an issue, concerning pay status for property in Wyoming County/Windham Township, that my brother and I had with Chesapeake and Anadarko. Ours was a very different and difficult situation and The Clark Law Firm resolved it for us. Something we could never have done without them! And, of course, to Vanessa…thank you for all your help and kindness. Dear Doug and Marceea, I cannot tell you how happy you have made me tonight! Thank you SO much for all your diligence and hard work. If it hadn't been for you and Marceea, we would have been sitting here spinning our wheels and getting nowhere! I have sung your praises to everyone I know! It is wonderful to have someone that cares and is looking out for your back like you two! I hope we see you in the future....if only to say "hello"? See you on the radio.... I am doing the "happy dance"!!!
A Wyoming County Landowner

Highly Recommend Doug Who Will Work Hard for The Landowner

Douglas Clark had been my gas lease attorney and when it became apparent that I would be involved in a pipeline Right of Way Agreement and require legal advice I had no doubt who would best represent my interests. Mr. Clark had done a wonderful job with my gas lease and now has also worked to obtain the best possible pipeline agreement for me. He is knowledgeable in pipeline construction and developed a good working relationship with my pipeline representative. Mr. Clark negotiated to attain the individual addendums which were important to me and for the protection of my property as well as to cover the other legal protections that comprise a strong ROW agreement. I highly recommend Mr. Clark as a skilled attorney who will work hard to assist landowners in obtaining a solid and individualized Right of Way Agreement.
A Bradford County Landowner

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