A very satisfied Susquehanna county land owner!!

After getting our 1st check from Cabot, my wife and I were very confused about the amount of money paid, post production fees, and how Cabot arrived at their calculation for our payment amount.  We did our research and located Doug Clark's law firm. We are so happy that we called him. Doug reviewed all of our documents (leases, division orders and pipe line agreements). He showed us exactly how Cabot arrived at their payment amount and taught us how to calculate our payment amounts for future checks.  He also told us what we can expect in the future. Doug answered all of our questions (which were many). Doug is knowledgeable, professional, patient, kind and has a great sense of humor.  I will definitely call Doug in the future when we have any issues that involve our land in Susquehanna county.

Oil and Gas Negotiations - Navigating Your Way with the Help of The Clark Law Firm, PC

The Experience of finding your way with gas companies is a tough one.  You are inundated with representatives who deliberately come across as your friends though they really are out only for themselves.  On top of that, they speak a foreign language which is difficult to understand no matter how much time you take. My husband and I felt totally overwhelmed when we contacted the Clark Law Firm, PC.  They listened to our concerns and began to sort out a route for us to take.  They understood the language as well as the issues involving the gas companies.  In our most recent involvement with the law firm they negotiated a road right of way easement.  Their experience helps you know what is reasonable in finding consensus.  They have helped us avoid many traps and hazards along our way.  They and their staff are trustworthy, caring, knowledgeable guides who know how to navigate a very complicated system.  We have been so thankful for their efforts on our part and highly recommend them! Nancy and Paul Stone
Nancy and Paul Stone

Personable, Knowledgeable and at the Top of Their Game!

I would like to express my thanks to The Clark Law Firm, PC and Attorney Douglas Clark for the outstanding job they did for me regarding a gas and oil lease for my property.  My land is protected while also being fair to the gas and oil company.  These people, Doug and Marceea, are the most knowledgeable that I have encountered.  I spoke with another attorney before Doug, and realized that though he thought so, he wasn't very knowledgeable, and all he did was mention some standard things and bill me.  I fired him and retained The Clark Law Firm, PC.  They are also very friendly and personable and they were never too busy to talk to or email me, and they made me feel that I was important to them.  I felt very confident in signing my lease and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering leasing their land.  They are at the top of their game!
Greene County Landowwner

TCLF: Success In A Complicated Contract

Southwestern Energy contacted us in 2014 regarding leasing three parcels that we own in Susquehanna County, PA. Since the deeds were each recorded in various names/entities, it was a lot more complicated than most transactions. The original 2008 lease with a different company had expired prior to any drilling operations taking place. By this time, the “competition” amongst numerous companies had ended within our area; which of course meant not having options or leverage to negotiate a new lease. Naturally, this made us wonder what kind of contract we could get. We received the proposed new lease and presented it to an attorney who we had previously used for some real estate business years ago. He made some suggestions and added his recommended requests and we returned it to Southwestern. All of those changes were denied. We then contacted Doug Clark who has done numerous leases with Southwestern. He first informed us about the items he would request and which ones he felt he could get; as well as a couple he thought he wouldn’t. After numerous efficient and helpful conference calls and his persistence, we obtained exactly what he had hoped for and even a little more. Doug and Marceea Clark, along with their entire team, were always available whenever I contacted them. They were extremely pleasant and very respectful. In my opinion there is way too much to learn and too much to lose by trying to “go it alone”. My wife and I would highly recommend The Clark Law Firm for any dealings regarding gas or oil leases.
A Susquehanna County Landowner

Doug Will Negotiate the Fairest Contracts Possible

Dear Doug, We would like to take this opportunity to share with other landowners, the extremely valuable legal assistance provided by Attorney Douglas A. Clark in dealing with Marcellus Shale issues over the past two years. He first negotiated an excellent lease with Cabot Oil with a no surface disturbance clause. Subsequently Williams pipeline cut down many trees on our property by mistake when preparing for a pipeline along our border, Attorney Clark negotiated a more than fair settlement for the damages very expeditiously. We recommend Attorney Douglas A. Clark to all landowners who are in the process of dealing with Gas Lease and Pipeline companies. He will negotiate the fairest contracts that are possible and the peace of mind is worth every fee that is charged. PS: Thank you again for your service.
A Susquehanna County Landowner

Doug Negotiated Beyond What We Thought Possible

We used The Clark Law Firm to assist us with a pipeline ROW agreement with WPX Energy as well as an oil and gas lease modification with Cabot and WPX Energy. Doug was able to negotiate terms that protected our financial interests and property beyond what we believed possible. We found this firm to be very knowledgeable and we truly appreciated the time Doug took to educate us regarding gas leases and ROW agreements.

Everyone we dealt with at the firm was personable, responsive and thorough. They were wonderful at accommodating our schedule for conference calls and meetings. All calls and emails were answered quickly and follow up reports were delivered in detail when promised. Invoices are clear, concise and detailed.

The Clark Law Firm was a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend them.
Susquehanna County Landowner

TCLF: Extremely Knowledgeable and Genuine

When we were approached for a gas lease several years ago, we did a significant amount of research. During this process, we found the Clark Law Firm to be a valuable resource. We also knew that when the time came to make a decision regarding leasing our property, we would want a firm to review the terms that was extremely knowledgeable as well as genuine in its concern to protect the interests of the landowner. We believe that we found this unique combination in the Clark Law Firm. Doug and Marceea Clark and staff were available to answer questions, always courteous, and timely in completing lease negotiations on our behalf.
Westmoreland County Landowner

Cannot Thank TCLF Enough!

After receiving an offer from Shell for an oil and gas lease in Tioga county and then talking to one of their agents, I felt like they made a good offer. To be safe, I searched the internet and decided to call The Clark Law Firm for a review. A call to Marceea and a "hundred" questions later I knew I made the right choice. I can't emphasize how helpful, enthusiastic, and "down to earth" she was! She listened to all of my concerns, suggested many options, and then set up a consultation with Doug who proceeded to (after an extremely informative conversation with me) negotiate with Shell a very "landowner friendly" lease. It seems from all of his knowledge Doug has encountered just about every "lease possibility" imaginable!! I cannot thank them enough for all of their efforts.
Tioga County Landowner

TCLF: “Terrific” and “The BEST”

The Clark Law firm was terrific in helping us navigate our recent pipeline agreement with Susquehanna Gathering Company. Many people do not consider the ramifications of the complex legal language of the documents they are signing when entering such agreements. Doug was extremely helpful in helping us sort through the legal language to help us get an outstanding agreement that will benefit and protect us. Most of all, my wife and I truly appreciate all the help and assistance you have given us over the past year! Whenever anyone asks about legal advice for anything related to natural gas exploration, we ALWAYS refer them to you! You are the BEST!
Susquehanna County Landowner

Temple Law Professor Recommends TCLF to Landowner and Doug Clark Delivers

We were referred to The Clark Law Firm by our son, who is a law student at Temple Law School in Philadelphia. He had asked one of his professors who teaches contract law, and our son's professor had recommended Doug Clark. I had previously attempted on two occasions to negotiate a gas and oil lease on our property in Tioga County, however on both occasions I was unsuccessful in my attempts. On our third attempt my wife and I agreed that we needed to retain an attorney who was well versed in the nuances of contract negotiations with SWEPI. Not only did Mr. Clark protect our interests, and incorporate into the contract all of the addendums that we had requested, he was also able to successfully negotiate terms that captured one third more revenues on the lease price per acre. He was also successful in negotiating 3% more total royalty payment than was initially offered by Shell. I would strongly urge anyone who is in the process of considering a gas and oil lease negotiation with SWEPI or any other company in our region to consider Mr. Clark and The Clark Law Firm before attempting to negotiate the lease details on your own.
Tioga County Landowner

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